A Visit to Greenville, SC

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This past weekend I was at my condo in Simpsonville, SC meeting with contractors to get estimates for finishing the kitchen. On Saturday I ventured into Greenville and visited Falls Park. It is a great part of the city with a Riverwalk, lots of shops, restaurants, and galleries. I was fascinated by the Liberty Bridge with its angles and lines. Gary and I visited here in March of 2011 when we were starting to look at real estate for a winter retreat. He didn’t like walking on this bridge at all! It does move a bit and with all the angles and lines it gave him vertigo.

I didn’t bring my SLR camera on this trip but only my new Olympus TG-3 point and shoot. I regretted that decision a bit as I would have preferred to use my Nikon. I did get good experience playing with the controls on the Olympus and at least know how to quickly change modes and exposure compensation. I did miss being able to change the light meter settings and metering regions. Who knows perhaps I can, I will need to double check the documentation. For me, the most frustrating thing about using a point and shoot is composing via the screen. It is very hard to see the details of the scene, especially in the bright sun. Here are a few of the shots a took in the afternoon. It was a bit bright when I started but the clouds rolled in later and that helped a bit. These could probably use a bit of editing but I would rather get them posted.

Liberty Bridge and Reedy Falls

Liberty Bridge and Reedy Falls

Another View of Liberty Bridge

I love all the lines in this view

Another perspective of Liberty Bridge

This gives you an idea of the vertigo factor!

Raised roadway with painted columns and a garden underneath

A fun Children’s Garden under the street

Looking up the river at two bridges

Looking up the river at nested bridges

A Pavilion along the river

A Pavilion along the river

Exposed tree roots on the side of a hill surrounded by ivy

A chaos of growth

Looking up a twisted walkway

Twisted ways

When I came home I was treated to a rainbow over the water tower outside of my condo.  This is the view from my balcony. It was a nice ending to the day.

A rainbow over a water tower

Peaceful view

Bainbridge Show: Nature

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Here are the 12 nature photos that I exhibited in the meeting room. These are 8″x10″ or 8″x12″ in size mounted on ½” foam board.

View of displayed Nature photos in Bainbridge Library meeting room



Displayed Nature photos






Arctic Hare

 Arctic Hare, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada






Reaching Giraffe




Reaching Giraffe, Serengeti,Tanzania









Lioness, Serengeti,Tanzania







Resting polar bear family




Resting Family, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada





Inquisitive Cheetah Cub





Inquisitive Cheetah Cub, Serengeti, Tanzania







Two zebra




Striped Friends, Serengeti, Tanzania





Polar bear walking over the ice with prints left behind





Over the ice, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada







Gento Penguin





Lone Gentoo Penguin, Antarctic Peninsula







flapping penguin





Flapping Penguin, Antarctic Peninsula







Monarch Butterfly




Monarch Butterfly,  Collings Foundation, Stow, MA









Hummingbird, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, AZ







Black Bear





Black Bear, Kenai Peninsula, AK




These two are hung in the main library behind the checkout desk.


Polar bear in sunset light




Looking Glow, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada








Adelie Penguin in storm




Back to Storm, Antarctic Peninsula





Bainbridge Show: Travel

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Here are the 12 photos I exhibited in the travel category. These are in 16″x20″ metal frames with a plastic face.  I prefer glass but I was shipping these and thus used the plastic.

View of photos hung in the Bainbridge Library meeting room



Overall view of the displayed travel photos





Dark skies and icebergs in Antarctica

Return to Ship, Antarctic Peninsula





Mountain view in Banff, Canada




Banff, Canada





Sunset in the Beagle Channel




Beagle Channel, Argentina





Hotel de Ville, Brussels, Belgium






Hotel de Ville, Brussels, Belgium






Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium




Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium







Icy Bench on Top of Mt Washington




Icy Bench, Mt. Washington, NH





Maid of the Mist and Rainbow



Maid of the Mist, Niagara Falls, NY



Mountains in Tierra Del Fuego




Tierra del Fuego, Argentina





Opus One Winery Patio




Opus One Winery, Oakville, CA








Arch at Viansa Winery





Viansa Winery, Sonoma, CA







Reflection in San Fransisco Port Authority Window




San Fransisco Port Authority, San Fransisco, CA







Capitol Building





Capitol Building, Washington, DC









Photography Show at Bainbridge Island Public Library, WA

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My high school friend, Lauren Riker lives in the Seattle area. She was offered a photography show at the Bainbridge Island Public Library.  She graciously invited me to join her in the show.  Silly me said yes!

It was a significant amount of work for both of us.  We needed to figure out our theme, what photos to show, and get them all matted and framed. It was an extra challenge for me because I had to ship my work from the east coast to the west.  But, we managed to pull it all together. There were some challenges dealing with a ferry ride to just reach Bainbridge Island as well as getting everything hung in our allotted time.  We both agreed that we will lean towards shows in the future where someone else hangs the work.

I am working on a certificate in Technical Communications via online learning from University of California San Diego extension. This spring I took a class in Information Design and had to create an announcement piece for the final project.  I was able to use the photography show as my project.  Here is the 5″x7″ announcement that I created for our show.

announcement of photography show and artist reception








photo examples and artist statements









Here is the page from the Bainbridge Library announcing our show:  http://www.bainbridgepubliclibrary.org/art-august.aspx. I’m not sure how long this URL will be valid.

I displayed Travel and Nature photography. Many people have asked me to see the photos that were part of the show. The following posts show the exhibited photos.

8/14 – Searching for Wildlife

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I went out with two of the folks on the trip early in the morning looking for wildlife.  We did see two bears run across the road and managed to find two sets of moose.  Two cows and then a cow with two calves.

moose looking

Here's looking at ya

moose calf kneeling

It's hard work to eat!

moose calf by mailbox

I'll get the paper!

moose and calf

Mom and baby

view of tree and mountains

Found some nice views, too!

8/13 – Seward and Kenai Fiords Tour

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Drove 90 miles to Seward and took a boat tour through the Kenai Fords National Park.  Saw bald eagles, puffins, seals, sea lions, humpback whales, many sea birds, glaciers and scenery.   The view was nice in the beginning but then, big surprise – it rained!   I did manage to keep the cameras dry enough for some decent photos.  It was a long day.  Finally got a few pictures posted.

puffins on rocks


harbor seal on rocky beach

Harbor Seal

sea lions on rocks

sea lions

sea birds on rocks

Sea birds

Seward harbor with boats

Seward Harbor

8/12 – Kenai River Fishing

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Up early today to fish for Silver Salmon on the Kenai River.  We were at the boat launch at Poacher’s Cove by 5:45 am.   Met up with Floyd, our guide, and headed out.   It was a slow start at first but I caught the first keeper fish today – a 10 lb Silver Salmon!

Becky holding Silver Salmon

10 lb Silver Salmon

Every one ended up catching the limit of two but it did take us awhile.   We caught several pink salmon but those don’t taste very good (the males have a grisly hump) so we did not keep them.  I ended up catching my two Silver Salmon, a 10 lb and a 5 lb, and 4 pink salmon.  So, at least the fishing was active.  It did come in spurts, though.  At one point we had three silver salmon on three out of our six lines and managed to land all three!

It was another cloudy day with periods of rain.  Thus, not to many exciting pictures but I tried to take some photos while fishing.  I finally saw a bald eagle!

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle and Seagull

Fishing one the river does get fairly busy.