Safari Day 3 – 07/28/08

We are off at 8:00am for more game drives.  We immediately see hippos, lions and elephants – all within the same area!  We drive around searching for game.  The drivers share notes with one another and sometimes you will not see another vehicle but if there is something “hot” there will be an immediate gathering. This area is known for lions.

Elephant Family


Lion resting

We found the pair that we had seen yesterday. We watched them for awhile. Then, as we were getting ready to drive away. The female walked over the male and they mated – Sex in the Serengeti.  It lasted all of about 15 seconds and they both went off to lay down and sleep.

Next we went over to where the other vehicle in our group was watching a male lion with a kill. The guides presumed that this male probably stole the kill from a cheetah since it was a big male and he would not likely have made the kill on his own.  He wasn’t really hungry and was tired from dragging hte kill to the shade so he just laid down with it an slept. The hyenas where very close to the lion waiting for him to open the kill so he could sneak a few bites.  He didn’t seem to be hungry so when he went to sleep with his kill we went on to seek other wildlife.


We roamed about seeing other wildlife, giraffe, topi, birds, giraffe, etc.  Then Frank, our guide, got into about a possible cheetah. Off we went driving in that direction. On the way Frank saw a group of lions, we stopped briefly but he suggested that we pass them up for something better! Imagine, day 3 and we are passing up Lions!!!!  But, the cheetahs were definitely worth it. At first they were very far off but I took pictures anyway – hey, I never know when I may see another cheetah!  But, then the two of them got up and walked even closer to the many vehicles to come and lay in the shade.  I have to admit that having two cheetahs fill my viewfinder made me cry – what an emotional experience. That is why I am here.  If my pictures don’t come out I will be disappointed but no on can take this experience away from me. And, I already know that my pictures will come out 😉

All of this happened in the morning. We came back to lodge for a late lunch and then went back out at 3:30pm.  We say hippos, more elephants, warthogs, crocodile, plenty of gazelle, etc. etc.  There is certainly plenty to see.  Then we heard about a leopard siting and went off to see that. What a zoo of vehicles to view this leopard way off in the tree.  Buy, hey, I was certainly happy to see it and took my share of far way pictures.  Brandon, one of the youthful members of the group said that we are like “animal paparazi”  and that is a very good description. All of the vehicles congregate around the “hot” animal and jockey for position – it is a bit disconcerting and a site to see but all part of the process. We are tourists after all.  Back to the lodge for a dribble of a shower, downloading of pictures, dinner, a journal entry and off to bed.  At least last night I finally got a decent night’s sleep and hope to acheive at least 6-7 hours again tonight. The vodka probably helps!!!

~ by Becka11y on August 4, 2008.

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