Safari Day 4 – 07/29/08

Still at Seronera for another day.  It started off a bit slower than yesterday but was still just as fruitful and exciting.  We always see gazelle, topi, impala, giraffe and elephants at some point during the day.  Now we are getting a bit more picky about photographing them.  If they are too far away or in poor light we skip them!

We did a bit of driving to the southwestern section of the park and didn’t see too much during the drive.  But, it was much less crowded in this area so it was nice to not see as many vehicles.  We saw 3 cheetah on a rock, a male lion resting below a tree, and a female lion in the grass. As we watched the female got up and set off with a determined look. We were able to follow and I have pictures with a lion filling the viewfinder!  Truly amazing!  We also got a baby giraffe running and nursing as well as other well posed giraffes.  We had lunch on top a large rock formation (kopje) then headed back to camp without out seeing too much (other than the usual gazelles, warthogs, and many, many birds :).

Baby giraffe running

Lioness Stalking

Cheetah Family with Kill

The big highlight of the afternoon was a cheetah mother with 4 cubs feasting on a freshly killed gazelle!!  The cubs were about 3-4 months old according to the guides.  We were able to drive up close to them for a few minutes to take pictures and then leave.  It was good to be able to leave the road and drive close but the rule that you can not stay long prevents the buildup of vehicles and the animal papparazi which might disturb the animals.  The vehicles must disturb them some but they really don’t seem to show it. The mother did not seem worried at all by our presence near her and her cubs which is heartening.  I would hate to think that I am bothering the animals but they truly seem habituated to the vehicles.

Another truly amazing day!  We got back to the lodge a bit earlier and it was nice to have a bit of extra time.  The lodges so far leave a bit to be desired but I do have to remember that “this is Africa”. I am happy to have sufficient accommodations, electricity and decent food so I really can’t complain.  I came here for the photography and not the hotel service, although more than a dribble in the shower would be nice!


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