Safari Day 7 – 08/01/08

Today we will travel the area around the lodge and actually go back there for lunch as we are a bit tired of the same box lunches each day.  So far we have seen at least one new animal each day. Today it was the serval cat which was a lucky glimpse since they are nocturnal. It was too quick for photos but we did see it running in the brush.  We saw our third leopard today!  On most trips they see at least one but we have been really lucky to see 3 on this trip. Also, this part of the park is not as busy so the paparazzi is much less – only 4 vehicles today when we were watching rather than the 10 or more jockeying for position at the other leopard sightings!  And this one was a bit closer and more active rather than just sleeping soundly.

We also saw plenty of wildebeast, zebras, gazelle and even an eland.  The eland is the largest antelope and is particularly skittish so is not always seen.  These were not very close but easily distinguishable.  We also saw the klipspringer which is one of the smaller antelopes (the dik dik is the smallest).  And, true to form we saw lions – we have seen lions on every day.

KlipSpringer Antelope

KlipSpringer Antelope

After lunch we went back to see if the leopard was still in the tree – it was and the light was much better.  And the leopard was active.  It got down out of the tree and we waited and it came back a few minutes later.  The leopard had a kill in the tree and would stay with it all day and then leave it at night.  The afternoon pictures were even better than the ones from the morning. 


Leopard standing in tree

Leopard standing in tree



After the leopard the afternoon ride was fairly quiet.  We did see a herd of elephants but no charging today!  And there were a pair of young males fighting and testing each other’s strength – that was interesting to observe.  There were plenty of animals to watch but we are getting more specific about what we photograph since we already have so many pictures.  Now I am paying more attention to the light before I pull out the camera.  It is nice to just watch the animals and enjoy!

The countryside here in the northern part of the park is more lush than in the southern part and there are rolling hills.  There are plenty of trees but also rolling field of grasses.  It is amazing how many colors of green, yellow, and brown the grasses can be.

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