Safari Day 8 – 08/02/08

Today is our travel day from the north part of the Serengeti, out of the park and to Ngorongoro Crater.  First we travelled from Lobo to Seronera and stopped at the Serengeti Park information area. They had a great display explaining the animals in the part and the animal migrations. Even though this was a mostly driving day we still say plenty of animals.  One lioness with a kill before we left the park and then several lions sleeping by the side of the road!  They were under a tree so we assume there was shade when they picked that spot but it was still very dangerous. They seemed totally oblivious to the cars passing by!

Lions sleeping in road

Lions sleeping in road

We also saw a family of elephants, gazelles, reed bucks and birds. The road was very bumpy (they are all dirt) so it was a long day of riding but at least we say wildlife. We also stopped at a Masai village and got a tour.  They sang and danced for us, explained their culture and showed us their village and huts.  The huts are made of sticks, straw and “the end of the cow” (cow dung) as was explained by our guide (who spoke decent English).

Masai Women in front of house

Masai Women in front of house

The group had mixed feelings about visiting the Masai.  Supposedly they want to keep their nomadic lifestyle and the government has sanctioned that in the conservation areas. But, they are certainly making plenty of money off of the tourists by selling trinkets and giving tours (which you have to pay for).  The government is also helping by building watering areas for their cattle and schools for their children. They do still live a very primitive life but it is certainly not completely traditional.

The Ngorongoro Lodge was certainly a welcome site.  It overlooks the Ngorongor crater which is the largest caldera that contains wildlife.  We’ll be driving down into it tomorrow.

~ by Becka11y on August 6, 2008.

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