Safari Day 9 – 08/03/08

Today is our last game drive our our Safari. We drove down into the Ngorongoro Crater which is a caldera from an massive eruption 2.5 million years ago.  It is 19km across and very large.  Nearly as soon as we drove into the caldera we found a lion pride with a zebra kill.  Since we are closer to Arusha and it is a weekend there are more vehicles so we are back to jockeying for viewing position.

This was probably the least “exciting” day but we still saw plenty of animals.  Almost all of the animals here spend their life in the crater since there is plenty of grass and water year round. There is a brackish lake as well as a stream and marsh areas within the crater.  All of the animals are very habituated to people and are not bothered by the vehicles.  That made it easier to get some more close up shots of the wildebeast, zebra, and buffalo.  There are also many birds, including flamingos and even a hippo pool where I finally captured a hippo with its mouth open.  We saw another male lion but he was more interested in sleeping than posing for photographs!

Old Buffalo

Old Buffalo



We have seen four of the “Big Five” on this trip and the group was hoping for a rinoscerous but alas, we did not see one. The crater was our best chance but it was very windy today and rinocerous do not like the wind. They are also endangered and there are not many around.  Oh, well, no complaints, here as we did see Elephant, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard – four out of five is not to bad! Our guide explained that the “Big Five” are the animals which have no major predators.

It was a very windy and unusually cold day.  The wind meant lots of dust.  A hot shower was certainly welcome at the end of the day!

~ by Becka11y on August 6, 2008.

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