Gijon, Spain

I’m here in Spain to speak at the Fundamentos Web 2008 conference for work.   I arrived on Saturday after an overnight flight with little sleep.  I managed to go out and about Saturday afternoon and headed out again today.  Gijon is on the North coast of Spain and is very beautiful.  There are three public beaches, one of which I can see from my hotel room.

playing soccer on the beach in Gijon, Spain

playing soccer on the beach in Gijon, Spain

Since it is the weekend and the weather is still nice, there are lots of people out and about enjoying the weather.  

I’m easily able to walk to an older part of the city and that was fun to explore with the camera.

a view from the harbor

a view from the harbor


Unfortunately since this is no longer tourist season there are no day long tours I can take that might give me a bit more background.   And, some of the museums seem to be closed for rehabilitation – the Cultural Center at Revillagigedo Palace is being renovated and the Roman Baths wasn’t open, either – although I could find no sign about why.  But, it was a nice day for a walk and there was still plenty to see.   The Railroad museum was fun but it was all in Spanish so I just got to look ;-). 

There was some kind of festival going on.  I’ll ask folks about it tonight when I go out with the other Speakers at the conference for dinner.   There are groups of men carrying very large flagpoles with very large flags.  It is quite an art to keep them balanced and there are a few helpers with guide ropes just in case the flag pole starts to fall.   So, actually, just one man is carrying the entire pole in a special carrier strapped to his waist.  I hope they trade off pretty often because at the end of the day they all paraded down the beach and off onto one of the side roads.   


The flag in the middle is being held by a single man!

The flag in the middle is being held by a single man!

One thing about traveling where you don’t speak the language, it keeps you quiet!  I haven’t even been able to make idle conversation!  It also makes ordering in restaurants a bit tricky but I manage to muddle through since I know a few basic words and can pick between chicken (pollo) and (beef) and I know how to order a beer (cerveza) and wine (vino rojo)!  There are many small cafes and restaurants all over the older part of the city.  Many were open today but I was also surprised at the number which were closed – I guess because it is the end of the season.   I was a bit intimidated by some of them since they are so busy and it makes it even more difficult to be off by myself.  


Outside cafe

Outside cafe

I was able to muddle my way through buying a fresh loaf of bread and some fruit at a grocery store so I had a nice picnic lunch in one of the city parks. This one was quite large but there are smaller ones throughout the area.

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