8/10 – Halibut Fishing

If the Kenai Peninsula is on the list of 1000 places to see before you die, I certainly hope I get to “see” it at some point!   It was rainy and cloudy again today so we got no more than a glimpse of the mountain ranges as we drove to Deep Creek for Halibut fishing.   There were 5 passengers, the captain and first mate on our 28 foot boot.   It was not the most pleasant of days – cloudy and rain. But, like the saying goes, a bad day of fishing is better than a day at work!  And we certainly did NOT have a bad day of fishing.  Everyone caught the limit of two halibut.  It wasn’t too bad being in the rain, but then the wind came up and we had to deal with 4-5 foot swells.   To fish for halibut, the boat anchors and you drop the line, with a five pound weight attached, to the bottom.  Then you wait.   We didn’t get anything at the first location, then moved and pulled them up fairly steadily.   At least the rain had stopped when the wind picked up.   It was certainly fun to crank up the halibut. They all were in about the 15-17 pound range – about average we are told.   The tides in Cook Inlet where we fished are known to have some of the largest fluctuations in the world and we were in and extreme tide.  The tide change was 26.5 feet right with a -4.23 low tide (meaning 4.23 lower than normal).  This creates very strong currents and the halibut have to work harder to find the bait.

Due to the swells it was very difficult to stand, let alone take pictures so the camera stayed inside the boat.   It was also pretty busy without lots of extra maneuvering room so I didn’t even try to get “action” shots!  That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it1  And, while I normally don’t (and didn’t) get seasick I also wasn’t anxious to go in the fairly small cabin and dig out my camera as two other passengers had already succumbed to the swells.   I did get the obligatory “after” shots with the hanging fish.  I caught two of these.

Becky with the lineup of 10 halibut

Standing here with the fish from our boat

Lighthouse at Deep Creek Landing

Lighthouse at Deep Creek Landing

~ by Becka11y on August 11, 2010.

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