8/11 – Homer

No fishing today AND NO RAIN!  We visited Homer, “a drinking village with a fishing problem,” at the end of the Kenai Peninsula.   Some of us took a boat ride across the bay and then went kayaking. The water was so clear that we could clearly see starfish, jellyfish and kelp beds.  We were also entertained by a few sea otter and seals.

Kayaker with mountains behind

Kayaking at the end of the Kenai Peninsula

sea otter

sea otter

After kayaking we met up with the rest of the group  for a beer at the Salty Dawg salon then had lunch.  Do you believe that the father and daughter that I am sharing accommodations with at the lodge are from Acton, MA (the next town over from where I live) and we have mutual friends?  And to top it off, their friends are also vacationing on the Kenai Peninsula this week and Gary and I know some of them!   What a small world to meet someone I know at the Salty Dawg salon in Homer, Alaska!

We visited the Bear Creek and had a tasting and tour from a friend of someone in our group.  What a beautiful place with views of the Bay.

View of glacier

View of glacier from Beer Creek Winery

Then went to the scenic overlook – just beautiful!  And did I mention there was NO RAIN and we could see the mountains!!!!

View of mountains and bay

View of Homer Spit and the bay

Just a quick update as I have to be up early for salmon fishing in the Kenai River on Thursday.

~ by Becka11y on August 12, 2010.

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