A Visit to Greenville, SC

This past weekend I was at my condo in Simpsonville, SC meeting with contractors to get estimates for finishing the kitchen. On Saturday I ventured into Greenville and visited Falls Park. It is a great part of the city with a Riverwalk, lots of shops, restaurants, and galleries. I was fascinated by the Liberty Bridge with its angles and lines. Gary and I visited here in March of 2011 when we were starting to look at real estate for a winter retreat. He didn’t like walking on this bridge at all! It does move a bit and with all the angles and lines it gave him vertigo.

I didn’t bring my SLR camera on this trip but only my new Olympus TG-3 point and shoot. I regretted that decision a bit as I would have preferred to use my Nikon. I did get good experience playing with the controls on the Olympus and at least know how to quickly change modes and exposure compensation. I did miss being able to change the light meter settings and metering regions. Who knows perhaps I can, I will need to double check the documentation. For me, the most frustrating thing about using a point and shoot is composing via the screen. It is very hard to see the details of the scene, especially in the bright sun. Here are a few of the shots a took in the afternoon. It was a bit bright when I started but the clouds rolled in later and that helped a bit. These could probably use a bit of editing but I would rather get them posted.

Liberty Bridge and Reedy Falls

Liberty Bridge and Reedy Falls

Another View of Liberty Bridge

I love all the lines in this view

Another perspective of Liberty Bridge

This gives you an idea of the vertigo factor!

Raised roadway with painted columns and a garden underneath

A fun Children’s Garden under the street

Looking up the river at two bridges

Looking up the river at nested bridges

A Pavilion along the river

A Pavilion along the river

Exposed tree roots on the side of a hill surrounded by ivy

A chaos of growth

Looking up a twisted walkway

Twisted ways

When I came home I was treated to a rainbow over the water tower outside of my condo.  This is the view from my balcony. It was a nice ending to the day.

A rainbow over a water tower

Peaceful view

~ by Becka11y on September 16, 2014.

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